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(754) 202-2999
Crown Max Décor a family owned business, has been installing Tray Ceiling in South Florida since 2006. When you need professional installation from a company that is licensed and insured, call Crown Max Décor. Our tray ceiling installers have vast experience specializing in this field.

As your tray ceiling specialists we strive to deliver the best service in the industry. We want to make your tray ceiling dreams come true.

Tray Ceilings add life to an empty ceiling space. With tray ceilings you have limitless design options, your mind is your only limit. What you can think of, we can create for you. When we install tray ceilings in customers’ homes, they wonder how they could have gone so long, without it.

When you select Crown Max Décor to meet your tray ceiling needs, we perform the following services; paint your material at our warehouse, install material, paint material again, once installed and caulking.

We strive to be your only choice for tray ceiling in South Florida.
Call us now for a free estimate, to enhance the beauty of your home! Call 754-202-2999

We guarantee quality work at affordable prices. 
We offer expert design and finishing.

Broward License #s: CC# 07-FC-14486-x and CC# 07-P-14487-X
Palm Beach License #s: U-21016 and U-21017  
Miami-Dade License #: 07BS00997 
Tray Ceiling  Installation Specialists 
Broward, Palm Beach, Miami-Dade Counties